Sunday, 5 February 2017

From beyond Black Fire Pass...

Some old lead and some recent acquisitions-
Diving into the boxes and bags in the farthest corners of the cupboard I found a few pieces that I hadn't seen for decades and finished them up over the last few days. These Orc, Goblins and Undead are a mix of white metal miniatures from various years but all hold up well when together. The Fanatic was always a favourite of mine after seeing it in the old Armies book in Kev Adams' army- it is a solid base (pre-slotta) from 1984. The peg legged orc is old piece from 1988 sculpted by Kev Adams- I've added one of my recently produced grotesque shields to his back. The Goblin champion is another Kev Adams sculpt but was released recently by Crooked Claw.

These undead are all North Star range bar the central figure which is an old 1983 solid base Zombie from Citadel's Dungeon Monsters Starter Set. It needed a lot of love after being painted in thick enamels.

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