Thursday, 24 September 2015

Vlka Fenryka... The Wolves of Fenris

Not being a fan of the plastic GW jump packs I thought I would convert a Heresy Era MarkIV Jump Pack Assault Squad into Space Wolves. With the new Black Library book coming soon I'm sure we will see some Age of Darkness Wolves from Forge World in the near future.


  1. Very nice Vlka. What is the paint recipe you used?

    1. Cheers Drake. The Grey is part Minitaire Badger Fur(neutral grey), a little Citadel Dryad Bark and a little Citadel The Fang. Washed with watered down Agrax Earthshade and a little Seraphim Sepia here and there. Highlights are the 'base' mix with a touch of Screaming Skull and Fenrisian Grey. Weathered with streaks of AK enamels and a very old Humbrol Matte Brown acrylic. My Wolves tend to be subtly different between painting sessions but i'm not so concerned as they tend to look more individualised.

    2. Ah, each Fenrisian has his own saga so no issues with slight colour differences. Good luck with the rest of them.