Monday, 30 March 2015

An exercise in weathering...

Death Korps of Krieg Hades Breaching Drill

Shelving a couple of my Krieg tanks to focus on the Hades drill allowed me to experiment with some of the techniques I plan to use later. This was airbrushed with Minitaire and AK Interactive acrylics with the odd GW paint pot also. Being Forgeworld resin, after a clean, it was primed with a dusting of autoprimer and then a smooth coat of Tamiya Fine Gray. This is then a perfect surface for AK's rust colours, a coat of chipping fluid and then the main colour. Brushes and toothpicks cut back the finish to a nice weathered heavy construction machinery look. This was all sealed well with a satin acrylic varnish ready for detailing and decals. Once sealed again with a matt varnish AK enamels were used to stain, streak and leave dirt/sand deposits. Final metallic surfaces were scribed with a 8B lead pencil and the pistons were finished with True Metal wax paint. I highly recommend the AK dirt and dust deposits for tanks and vehicles.

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