Monday, 26 May 2014

Destroyer Tank Hunter...

Tanks... I've always been a fan. From WWI iron behemoths to WWII's powerhouses they have always amazed me.
I have built a few scale panzers but for a Krieg mobilized army what could not be more interesting.
This is a work in progress of a Destroyer from Forgeworld. It's Stug 'look' is a favorite. As the story goes... it is supposed to be some sort of archaic weapon and I chose to weather the paint appropriately. For a Krieg army I am very keen to get hold of a filter for the rear engine cover but unfortunately these are not available separately from Forge World so I may have to rebuild one from a Super Heavy Tank filter kit. Back in the day- 20+ years ago- I seem to remember GW offering a service where each white metal part was itemised and could be purchased individually, if only Forge World could adopt this.
Next stage washes and dust...

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